How to Minimize uTorrent Upload Speed

uTorrent is the most popular torrent client. When we download a torrent then after downloading a part mostly it starts uploading. Some time upload speed exceeds download speed. Seeding a torrent is good to alive torrents but if you have insufficient bandwidth then it affects download speed. In this condition we want to stop uploading and only want to download a file.

In this tutorial I am telling you how to limit uTorrent Upload Speed. With this trick you can limit upload speed up to 1kb/s. I want to clear that limiting upload speed does not affect download speed because some people thinks that if they limit upload speed it will decrease download speed. Also make sure you do it for torrent files downloaded from public site and not private torrent sites, else you might get ratio banned. Also if you have enough bandwidth, try to be a seeder instead of a leecher.

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  • Open utorrent and open preference window by going to options > Preference ( shortkey Ctrl+P )

  • In “preference” click on option “bandwidth”. Change global upload rate limiting from 0 to 1 kb/s. It means you can limit upload speed upto 1kb/s.

uTorrent Upload Speed

  • Now Click on alternate upload rate when not downloading and change it to 1kb/s. This will limit alternate upload speed to 1kb/s.


  • Now move down to the bottom at option “bandwidth” and here look at the last option “number of upload slots per torrent”. Remove tick from this option.


  • Now go option “queuing”. Here move down to bottom and see the option “when utorrent reach the seeding goal”. Tick the option and change the upload rate to 1kb/s.


  • And now it is the final step. When you add a torrent then make right mouse click on added torrent and select option bandwidth allocation > set upload limit >1kb/s

This will be applied only for selected torrent and you have to change bandwidth allocation for every torrent separately.

Similarly for other Torrent clients, you can control torrent upload speed. Though, uTorrent being one of the most popular client, we used it as reference. If you need tutorial for any other client to control torrent upload speed, do let us know.

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  • Donnie the Kommie

    June 15, 2011, 5:03 pm

    Although these setting appear valid, it also looks like they deny the whole torrent “raison d’etre” of sharing.

  • William Lee

    November 10, 2012, 6:00 am

    i want to limit the upload of public torrents while maximising the upload for private torrent, this article is just stating the obvious. so useles

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