How to Integrate Facebook in Skype?

How to Integrate Facebook in Skype?

Yesterday we posted about Skype 5.0 integrated Facebook and we tested new Facebook skype integration into our lab to see how smooth Facebook is with Skype. To get started with this download skype 5.0.

If you already have skype installed on your system click on help> check for updates under skype. Install skype 5.0 and click on tab which says Facebook. Click on see news feeds in skype.


On the next screen click on login and allow access to your facebook account:



One thing which I like about Facebook skype integration is they have a link to facebook phonebook. From there you can find phone numbers of your Facebook friends and you can directly call them using Skype. ( You need to buy Skype credit).

Facebook should add an option to add skype id into Facebook profile which will make this integration more useful.

Facebook news feed in skype 5.0 is slow and not very smooth for accessing. More over if I’m not wrong, we manually need to update news feed. If you try to play any video on Facebook in skype, it will open the video in your web browser. I would also love to see Facebook list feature being integrated in Skype, so that I can keep a track of important updates from particular Facebook list via skype.

From a user perspective I won’t be happy with this integration as it’s not as smooth as it could be. I will rather stick to my web version of Facebook.

I will rate Facebook skype integration as 2/5. Are you using Facebook in skype? Do share your views and feedback.

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