How to Get your Facebook API Key?

How to Get your Facebook API Key?

Many people who are using Facebook applications or Facebook Connect need Facebook API key to get started with this. For Bloggers and developers a Facebook API key let them configure Facebook connect and other applications and in this tutorial I will be sharing how you can create and get your Facebook API key.

To get started with Facebook API key, you need to login to Facebook and go to Facebook developer page.

Click on Set up new Application:


On the next page give your application a name:

facebook-application-name On the next page configure the setting of your Facebook Application:


Once you have done setting up your application, click on save changes and on the next page you will have your Facebook API key:


I hope this tutorial will be helpful for those who are looking for Facebook API key. If you have any question regarding this, I would suggest use our Support forum for questions.

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  1. i am a novice in Facebook n firstly i need api key+secret code n i got it with aid of this totorial