8 thoughts on “How to Get Permanent U.S. Based Incoming Number for Free

  1. Really useful. Thanks for sharing the tip.

  2. Thanks Mayur for your comment and I hope you enjoyed getting your own GVC account :)

  3. Wow really a very nice post dude…

  4. Thanks Tanveer!!

  5. the number i got from ipkall does not work with google voice it says that the number is already used in a google voice account

  6. So, I am on a Mac, I am using Netshade for the Proxy, pointed it to a Chicago server and when I verify the IP it says it is from Chicago but when I open the Google Voice Link it says, “It is not available in your country.. blah blah” :(

  7. It work so I’d like to thank you!! Sending over good vibes!! :DD

  8. please help us with spamming tools and how to do a usa bank login transfer securely.

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