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How-to Get the Old Facebook Interface/Design Back [Update]

How-to Get the Old Facebook Interface/Design Back [Update]

We knew this was coming, the new and updated Facebook design/interface that was announced some time ago. It’s being rolled out, not to all but some, however, all those who’ve already got it are complaining about it not being any better and prefer the same old design that we’re all so used to.

The new design update includes the Ticker Feature, some improvements to what recent posts will be shown and how they’ll all be laid out. All these and much more improvements will be announced at the F8 Developer Conference tomorrow.

For now, those who’ve been treated with the new Facebook layout, and you happen to not like it, here’s a simple technique to get the old layout back up. This doesn’t involve the installation of any extensions or GreaseMonkey scripts and will give you your old Facebook design back.

  • Go to your Account Settings and Select General.
  • In General, check what is your Preferred Language and set it to English(UK).
  • Click on Save Changes and check out your Facebook layout now. This seems to be working for many.
Try this out and let us know if it works for you too. With this, you’ll get rid of the Ticker feature and how all the elements are laid on your Facebook homepage. If you want to get your old Facebook Chat back, follow our tutorial and get the old chat back.
UPDATE: Looks like this trick is no longer working for anyone. It seems that Facebook has fixed the issue and everyone is going to be stuck with the new News Feed, like it or not. We will update you if we or someone else figures out a way to get it right.

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