How to Disable Email Notification from Google+

How to Disable Email Notification from Google+

So if you one of those lucky one who are trying out Google+, must be getting lots of Email from Google+. By default Google+ sends you Email notification for everything, though this can be controlled too.

Getting Email notification is useful but for everything if you keep Email notification “On” on Google+. you might be bombarded with unlimited Emails. So in this quick guide, I will share with you on how you can disable Google+ email notification.

Login to your Google+ account and if you have not received any Google+ invitation, you can receive one from this page “Get Google+ invitation”. Now go to, Google+ settings  <Direct link>, here you can control for which notification you need Email.

You can uncheck all the activities for which you don’t want to receive Emails. Further if you liked a post, you can click mute to stop receiving Emails.

Do let us know if you have completed above steps to stop reeving annoying unlimited Emails from Google+? Are you using Google+? If you new to Google+ social networking site, see my first hands on experience with Google+.

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