How to Buy iPhone Apps from Cydia Store

This tutorial will show you how to buy an iPhone app from the Cydia Store. All you need is a Gmail/Facebook account to identify yourself and a payment source like Amazon or Paypal. And of course the most obvious ingredient – a jailbroken iOS device with Cydia installed.

The iTunes App Store is indeed one of the best and largest places to buy great iPhone Applications but it is not the only one. The Cydia Store has to offer a lot of premium applications which you are going to want but they will never make it to the App Store.

A lot of hard work has been put behind Cydia by notable developer Jay Freeman aka Saurik, and it really does show when you try using Cydia. The whole process of purchasing apps from Cydia Store is really intuitive and you are only going to need this guide the first time.

Since we need a jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with Cydia installed you should first jailbreak your iOS device using our iPhone jailbreak guide.

How to Buy an iPhone App from Cydia Store:

Launch Cydia on your iOS device.


Now go ahead and select any Paid Application in Cydia. When you are scrolling through the list of Apps you’ll notice that all premium packages have a Blue font while free packages are in black.

How to buy iphone app from cydia store 17

For this tutorial we are going to purchase an tweak called PhySwitch which allows us to switch between multitasking app using iPhone’s volume buttons.

How to buy iphone app from cydia store 1

Now once you have selected a paid application in Cydia Store tap on the Yellow Purchase Package field or the blue Purchase button in the top right corner. Either works just fine.

How to buy iphone app from cydia store 2

As soon as you tap on Purchase, Cydia will ask you to authenticate yourself. Saurik has included the following two important features to keep things simple:

  • No Cydia Specific Registration required – Login using Gmail or Facebook account
  • All purchases tied to Gmail/Facebook account and not the iOS Device

So firstly, you don’t have to waste time signing up for a new service and secondly if you lose your previous device or buy a new one you don’t have to worry about purchasing same apps again. It’s almost like the iTunes App Store account.

So tap on the method you want to use for authentication – Google or Facebook. You will then be asked to log in using that service.

How to buy iphone app from cydia store 3 How to buy iphone app from cydia store 4

After you have signed in using any one of the services above, you need to link your iOS device to this account. Tap on Link Device to your account to proceed.

How to buy iphone app from cydia store 5

Now you need to select a payment method. Earlier only Amazon was acceptable but now Cydia allows Paypal as well and that too without any extra fee. We will use PayPal for this tutorial.

How to buy iphone app from cydia store 7 How to buy iphone app from cydia store 8

Sometimes you may receive an error like the one above. Don’t panic. Just tap on full PayPal website link to proceed.

How to buy iphone app from cydia store 12

On the screen above, you confirm the purchase. Make sure you select the right source of funds by tapping on More funding options. After you’re done, tap on Pay Now at the bottom.

How to buy iphone app from cydia store 13

The transaction is complete and Cydia should now show you the screen above and Transaction Status should read Completed.

Tap on close to proceed with App installation. In a few seconds, Cydia should say Package Officially purchased, just like the screenshot below.

How to buy iphone app from cydia store 14

Tap on Install to proceed, just like you install any free applications from Cydia. Need ideas for popular Cydia Apps. Check out these:

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  • Aleksander January 3, 2013, 9:30 pm

    Hi I tried to buy Celeste yesterday. I logged in with my google account and tried to pay via paypal. but there was no money on my paypal. I have put some money on it now, but if I try to pay with paypal again, there’s an error on the paypal page:

    “This transaction has expired. Please return to the recipient’s website to complete your transaction using their regular checkout flow.”

    By the way, Paypal do not see any failed payment attempts.


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