How to Block Advertisements in Google Chrome Browser?

Ads are important. Only if we view banners and every now and then click on one the internet will stay free for everybody and creators of great content will be remunerated for their work. However, some websites really overdo it and all the flashy overlays, interstitials and popunders make browsing some site insufferable. The solution to this problem: Adblock Plus.

The addon has been available for Firefox since 2006 and now it was ported to Google Chrome as well. But if you look at the most popular extensions in the Chrome Web Store you will notice two extensions with a very similar name, one is called “AdBlock”, the other one is “Adblock Plus”. So which one is the right one to use? How do they work and what needs to be done in order to make the magic happening? Here a short overview:

AdBlock has been available for Chrome for more than two years now. It was inspired by the Adblock Plus project which by that time only focused on the Firefox addon. A few months ago, the creators of the official Adblock Plus made their addon work with Google Chrome as well and in very short time it has gained almost 1 million users. It is based on the same code as the Firefox version, thus it blocks ads very fast and reliable while the other one is significantly slower.

You can download Chrome Adblock Plus form or the Google Chrome Web Store. Setup takes only a few seconds and all ads are gone automatically. During the installation you will be notified that Adblock Plus can access your data on the websites you visit. Sounds scary but is only a standard warning in Google Chrome because the plugin modifies the websites you visit. Adblock Plus is a content blocker, meaning that you can define any element on a website that you want to have removed. So you can not only block all advertisements, you can also remove other annoyances such as the Facebook like-buttons you see on almost every website. To remove other elements you can write your own filters or you can subscribe to one or more of the many free filter subscriptions.

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