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We use Proxy websites and tools to surf the web anonymously and hide our ip address. Sometimes it is also used to bypass location or IP based filter on servers. As we know that Proxy services changes our Ip address which helps us to hide our real IP address from the websites. There are many online proxy websites are available which allow users to surf the web with some fake ip without charging a single penny. Only we need to go to the proxy website and enter the URL which we want to access.

But there is a nic Google Chrome proxy Extension, Hide My Ass addon which adds this proxy sevice to Google and chrome and thus allows users to change their IP address anytime without going to a separate page for proxy.

How to use Hide my ass Chrome Addon

First of all dowload Hide My Ass! Web Proxy to your chrome browser. After installing this extension, you will see an h icon on the tool bar and it will redirect you to a extension settings page. This settings page allows users to select the proxy services and servers. There are various proxy services and servers are available to choose. After selecting the options, simply save the settings.

Hide My Ass

Whenever you wich to access a website with the help of proxy, open a blank tab and click on the h icon in the toolbar. When you click on the icon, it will pop up a box which asks for the URL you want to access and click on Proxy. Your URL will open with the I.P.  address from the server location you have selected.

Chrome Proxy Extension

You can also check your IP address from WhatIsMy I.P. service. First go to the whatismyip from the normal connection and then from the proxy. You will see different IP in both cases.

One advantage of this service is that it does not open any kind of irritating pop up ads.  If you are a regular user of proxy services, this useful chrome addon will surely help you a lot.

Add this Google Chrome

Do you know about any other Chrome proxy extension which is out of the box and works great?

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