Website for iPhone Jailbreaking & unlocking

Helpmejailbreak is a new site for iPhone users which will help you to see if your iPhone is jailbreakable or not. This website got very simple layout and you can quickly follow the instruction to see if your iPhone (any model) jailbreaking and unlocking is possible or now. If possible which software you can use to jailbreak & unlock your iPhone on windows or Mac.

HelpmeJailBreak Link

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2 thoughts on “ Website for iPhone Jailbreaking & unlocking

  1. George M Orfali says:

    I understand that there is a jailbreak for IPads as well. Please tell me more like where do I find it and how/where do I install it.


  2. James Sterling says:

    I have an IPhone 4 with 4.2.1 how can I get an untethered jailbreak.

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