Hacker Turns iPhone into Xbox Kinect Controller

Hacker Turns iPhone into Xbox Kinect Controller

Here’s something the geeks are really going to love. A developer from Singapore called Rockmoon has created a new hack allowing him to use an iPhone as a kinect controller. While the hack has not been made public we do have a very cool video demonstrating the use of this prototype.

Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect is a great new gaming technology that allows us to play games without using any handheld accessory unlike Playstation 3 Move or Nintendo Wii.

So this particular game that Rockmoon has been playing requires two player to play together. While Player 1 uses Kinect to steer the vehicle with his hands, player 2 uses iPhone’s touchscreen to fire the guns.

Check out the video to see the iPhone kinect controller in action:

Personally, I think this is a great new concept. Presently, there isn’t much development happening about interaction between phones and gaming consoles. This should bring some inspiration to the big game makers. Apple, Microsoft, Sony are you listening?

(via TUAW)

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