21 thoughts on “Guide: How to Get Started With iTunes Ping

  1. Seamus Anthony says:

    Thanks for this. What I wanna know is can you reserve your preferred username as you would do for twitter etc?

  2. so far from what i have seen there is no username as such. its just your name and email. the unique identifier is your iTunes account.

  3. Seamus Anthony says:

    Yes. In fact i failed to qualify that I mean “artist page” (still hadnt read enough to know that’s what their calling it for musicians). Doesn’t seem to be much info about how bands and musicians can claim their artist page, even if you’re already selling on itunes. Guess it’s early days yet.

  4. very true Seamus. We’ll have to wait for a while now and watch it unroll.

  5. I have downloads itunes 10 and joined ping but cannot see how to connect to facebook to find friends. WHere is the facebook connect button? I’m in the UK – is this a US only feature?

  6. there is not “ping” on my iTunes 10 and where can I Click on Ping in the Left pane under ??
    there is no button for ping.. :(

  7. are you sure Hendri? why don’t you show us a screenshot. maybe we can help then

  8. they are apparently having some issues. facebook button has vanished for several users

  9. i’m very sure!


    how to send pictures?
    give me ur email

  10. Need to know how to sign up as an artist. Can’t find it anywhere. If you find it, let us know.


  11. :) check ur email.

  12. that information hasn’t been made available by Apple yet. You’ll gave to wait. If you’re really impatient write to Apple Marketing at itunesmarketing@apple.com something will appear via iTunes Connect soon.

  13. where are you from. it might happen that its not available in your country. on the page that you sent me scroll down to bottom right corner, click on flag change country to USA and then send me a screenshot again

  14. `O________O’

    my iTunes is now available! :)

    then.. why do i have to send u the screentshot again?

  15. Click the iTunes store and see if it appears. My Ping menu option wasn’t there till I click itunes store.

  16. but there is a bad news…

    when i signed in it says your account was only available in Indonesia…
    I’m from Indonesia, I created apple account and putting country = Indonesia
    how is it?

  17. So where is the Facebook connect button????

  18. I’ve got a problem. I just installed th enew iTunes, but i don’t have the ping button.. anywhere… what should I do?

  19. @natalija
    go to iTunes preferences > general > Show Ping (tick the box) > press Ok.
    you can both show or hide it from this pane.

  20. hey i m from Myanmar
    n i think ping bottom is not available in my country
    is there anyway to find a ping bottom on my intune?????

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