GTA V Trailer Revealed: Creates Huge Excitement

GTA V Trailer Revealed: Creates Huge Excitement

Grand Theft Auto, popularly known as GTA has been the flagship series of Rockstar Games which have made them earn millions and billions of dollars. Last week Rockstar Games displayed the GTA V logo on their homepage with the date 2/11/11 displaying below it which promised that the trailer would be released on 2nd November 2011. Since then, the excitement grew bigger and bigger. Everybody waited for the trailer and the countdown on Rockstar Games official site made the excitement grow more.

On 2nd November, as promised, at 9:30 pm, the 1:24 minutes trailer was unveiled. The trailer also revealed that GTA V would be set in San Andreas, my favorite place in GTA. The trailer revealed a few things more. Wikipedia says, “It is also revealed in the trailer that there will be the return of aircraft, which include Jets, blimps, and propeller planes. There also might be a chance of dogs and other animals in the game, as seen in the early seconds of the trailer.”

There are not much details available from the trailer but the analysts must be getting ready and watching the trailer again and again to find out more from the game. I don’t think that the game has any chances of getting released this year so we may have to wait some months to get our hands on the game. Have you seen the trailer yet? If no, then don’t wait. It is given below. Check it out.

Graphics are great as usual but we would have to wait to actually know about the story line and the protagonist of the story. But it definitely will be an interesting wait. GTA has been a great series and GTA V needs to take to the next level. They should announce more details to relieve the much excited viewers and users.

I think that the trailer is great and the game would be greater. Just some more wait and more details would be coming our way.

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