Google Plus iPhone App Gets Hangouts

Google Plus iPhone App Gets Hangouts

When Google first released their social networking app for iOS devices, to be honest, we were all devastated. It was as though they just wanted to get it done as soon as possible so they just pasted some things over some other things. However, things have gotten a little better and we’ve come a long way since then.

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Google Plus app for iOS devices just got a major update and now you can join Hangouts via your iPhone, iPod Touch and also share photos via Messenger. Oh yes, Huddle, the group messaging service has been renamed to Messenger due to certain legal issues. That’s pretty much all the changes that you’ll see in the latest update to the app. Nothing more, but the Hangouts feature is definitely going to be one awesome thing about it.

It’s sad that you can’t really start hangout from iphone or Video chat with anyone via your iOS device, but that will be soon added as well, I hope. The Hangouts feature is the star of the whole Google plus experience and one of the main reasons why the social network got so much attention in the first place. Using your iOS device, you can now join Hangouts and start video chats with your friends and close ones. They’d obviously have to start the hangout via the web version or using their Android device. You can also tag people in comments, posts and +1 comments too.

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Yup, Android phones got this feature almost a week back when Google announced that it’s social network is now open for all and anyone who is 18 years and older can join.

That’s about all the changes that you will currently find with the latest version of Google Plus. So, keep on the lookout for Hangouts created by your friends and join using your iOS device. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Hopefully, the quality won’t be bad. We will soon update you when we find a way to start Google+ hangout from iPhone or iPad.

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