GNU Offers Open Source Alternative of Skype as GNU Free Call

GNU, as all our readers may be familiar with the name, is going to challenge in somewhat different way the monopoly of Skype in the world of internet Telephony (VoIP service). Announced on last Monday with catchphrase  “Free as in freedom, and free as in no cost, too!”  the GNU Project team has hoped to present an open source alternative of Skype with the name GNU Free Call.


GNU Free call is intended to be made  completely secure and  usable  on every platform much in the manner of Skype but it will not have a central service provider, will not use insecure source secret binary protocols and  will not have network control points of any kind that can be exploited or abused by external parties. Instead it will use the open standard SIP protocol and GNU SIP Witch to create secured peer-to-peer mesh calling networks.

gnu free call open source

GNU Free Call in team’s own words:

Our goal is to make GNU Free Call ubiquitous in a manner and level of usability similar to Skype, that is, usable on all platforms, and directly by the general public for all manner of secure communication between known and anonymous parties, but without requiring a central service provider to register with, without using insecure source secret binary protocols that may have back-doors, and without having network control points of any kind that can be exploited or abused by external parties. By doing so as a self organizing meshed calling network, we further eliminate potential service control points such as through explicit routing peers even if networks are isolated in civil emergencies.

We hope GNU is going to rule over the world of VoIP service. also let us know which one is your favorite VOIP service?

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