Gmail Introduces Two New Enhancements in Contact Groups

Gmail Groups in contacts is very useful when you want to send any email to multiple recepients. If you want to send an email to all your team members at work then you can easily send it by selecting the contact group.

And now it will be more easy to manage contact groups in Gmail because Gmail is offering two new enhancements to its Group. Here are two new features:

  • “Add to Group” menu which will help you to add new contacts to Group. That is now you can easily add more email ID list to existing Groups that too just by a click.

Gmail Groups.jpg

  • Now you can select the which email address you want to use for which group. It is useful for people who have multiple email addresses and while sending emails to such people, you can select you want to send email in work group or on personal group.

Gmail Groups1.jpg

Gmail Contact improvements are very useful and handy because most of the time we need to send same mail to multiple reciepents and with above features Gmail groups would be easy and quick too.
No matter how other email services like Yahoo or Hotmail keep on coming up with new feature but it’s tough to competite with Gmail because of it’s useful and user-friendly features.

If you are a Gmail fan then do let us know you views about new improvements in Gmail contact groups.

Via: Gmail Blog

One thought on “Gmail Introduces Two New Enhancements in Contact Groups

  1. Mani Viswanathan @ DailyBlogging says:

    Good Grouping system. This will help in sorting out people easily while sending out mails.

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