Gift Non-tech Savvy Folks A Tech Support Package Courtesy Google

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What is one thing that is common to a lot of internet and tech savvy folks? We often end up playing the tech support guys for a lot of non tech savvy folks out there be it our parents, cousins, and who have you. Not that is a problem but it can be a daunting task to help them navigate through some of the basic technology and internet related tasks at times. Well some of us manage to play the tech support role successfully and some of us face difficulty playing the tech support role, don’t we.

What if there was a way to explain some common issues that a lot of us asked to help others with. Things like changing wallpapers, upgrading browsers, setting e-mail accounts on mobile are some of the most basic problems that non-tech savvy folks often find difficult to understand and it can be equally difficult to explain especially when you are not physically present with them to demo the solution. With the gifting season looming ahead, it would be great gift if we could help empower the non-tech savvy folks with solutions to some of the most common internet and tech related issues so that they can do it themselves next time. We all know pictures speak a thousand words, but videos do a much better job at explaining, right.

The awesome folks at Google have come up with just the perfect solution that you can gift to your uncles and aunts who keep coming to you for troubleshooting help. What am I talking about?

It’s the ‘Send your parents a Tech Support care package’ at

A very simple yet effective initiative by some of the folks at Google with the sole intention to help keep tech support a family business.

The site is nothing but a form based landing page with the layout representing a format as if you are sending a letter. The form has taken some of the most commonly used troubles that a lot of folks face while dealing with computers and internet and made them into categories. The solutions to these common problems have been addressed as videos which will be sent to your folks to help them see a live solution to their problems. Here is how the form looks like with some options filled in


Based on the categories and the problems you select, you see the number of videos that will sent along with the mail that you send. Click on the ‘Preview’ button to see a sample of what you will be sending. After that enter your e-mail message and the e-mail address of the person you want to send it to.


That’s it, done. When the recipient opens the mail they will see the same content and able to browse the videos explaining the internet and computer related troubles they often have.


Nothing spectacular but a rather nice initiative. The initiative is also evoking nice response and evidently 18900 parents have been sent tech support packages from the page already. So, what are you waiting for. Pick a list of problems you are constantly asked to trouble shoot and help your folks understand them the solutions through these videos. Let us know how you like the initiative from Google and what all videos did you end up sending to your folks.

One thought on “Gift Non-tech Savvy Folks A Tech Support Package Courtesy Google

  1. Sharad harjai says:

    Nice initiative. I am sure it will make life of many people easy.
    Wish we could have such a solution for all small irritating problems. :)

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