Gevey Turbo SIM Unlock Blocked in iOS 5 Beta 2

Gevey Turbo SIM Unlock Blocked in iOS 5 Beta 2

iOS 5 Beta 2 was released by Apple earlier today, and they seemed to have added a few new features to the OS. With the addition of new features, Apple also decided that it was time for them to remove some features too. Apple has patched the security hole using which the Gevey Turbo SIM used to unlock a locked iPhone 4 in iOS 5 beta 2.

iOS 5 beta 2

The Gevey Turbo SIM, as we all know of it, uses an Emergency dialer hack to activate the locked basebands on an iPhone 4. You dial 112, hang up, play with the Airplane Mode and boom!! you get your iPhone unlocked. Gevey SIM users were specially happy to also find out that it was also able to successfully unlock the new baseband on iOS 5 beta. To much disappointment, Apple has seen to it that the Gevey SIM doesn’t unlock the iPhone 4 in iOS 5 beta 2. The confirmation came from none other than MuscleNerd;

Gevey SIM iOS 5 beta2

We have no idea why Apple decided to do so with the beta versions and why they couldn’t wait for the final build to be out. They’ve been under a lot of pressure ever since the Gevey SIM was out, going about illegally unlocking locked iPhone 4s. Maybe they decided to put an end to it, or maybe it has something to do with the beta versions. Anyways, the Gevey SIM manufacturers are not going to sit in their offices with their heads down. I’m pretty sure they’re going to work on this and deliver a working unlock on iOS 5 too, as till date there has been no word or update from the iPhone dev team about the same.

There isn’t any word on the other alternative, the Rebel SIM. Also, the newly released Gevey Ultra SIM won’t work on iOS 5 beta 2 either. At the moment, we can only hope that the iPhone-dev team comes with a software unlock soon enough for all the locked basebands.

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