GCache+: See the Content of Website Which is Down or Unavailable

GCache+: See the Content of Website Which is Down or Unavailable

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Has this ever happened that when you try to access your favorite website but find that it is down due to some server problem. But, you really needed to read that webpage at that time? Well, don’t worry GCache + is the perfect Firefox addon in such cases. GCache+ allows you to see the latest Cached version, by Google of that webpage. GCache+ is currently available only for Firefox 2.0 and above.

In case if you don’t wish to install another addon to your browser, you can simply go to Google search and type:

Cache:URL or the website/page  End enter to see the cache version of the page.

Download GCache+ from Official Firefox Add-on website.

After you install GCache+, Just right-click on any link you want to view in Google’s way and you will be shown the Cached Webpage by Google.

Adding the Addon

Using GCache+

Preview of the Cache Page for How to Request for Free Website Migration from HostGator :

Cached Page Preview

Useful Links  :

Tip: Do you also know, you can use Google cache feature to access many private and locked forum posts.

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