Future Apple Devices Might Support Text-to-Speech Features

Future Apple Devices Might Support Text-to-Speech Features

According to a blog post by Patently Apple, Cupertino based tech giant Apple has recently submitted a new patent application for a new kind of a system that will ultimately allow users to have Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech on their iDevices. This particular request by Apple could ultimately make communication much easier in very difficult kind of environments.

Apple Patent

Apple has addressed two varying kind of conditions and situations in this patent. First is that when a smartphone user is present in a loud location such as in market or a restaurant where making voice call becomes almost impossible because of voices from surroundings. The second situation that Apple has addressed in this filed patent is when user is present in a very quiet location such as in a conference or a meeting where making voice call looks inappropriate.

Apple’s Patent request proposes solutions to the above mentioned situations in the form of speech to text conversion plus prerecorded notifications.


According to the filed patent, Apple has suggested four distinct “embodiments” that includes:

“One embodiment of the invention is directed to an iPhone which establishes an audio connection with a far-end user via a communication network. The communication device receives text input from a near-end user, and converts the text input into speech signals. The speech signals are transmitted to the far-end user using the established audio connection while muting audio input to its audio receiving component.” [Complete Four Embodiments]

Apple is reportedly working with Nuance to bring a very advanced sort of speech recognition to iOS devices. This particular patent request also includes some details about the stuff that could be included in that particular speech recognition system.

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Source: [Patently Apple]

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