Frenzy: A Social Network DropBox App (Mac)

Frenzy: A Social Network DropBox App (Mac)

Frenzy is a private social network that lives entirely in hidden folders within your Dropbox cloud storage. With Frenzy, you can share links, files and messages as well as see real-time updates via a stream of feed items. The shared items and feeds get automatically synced by Dropbox, since they’re all basically hidden files, and there’s no signing up for Frenzy. All you need to have is a DropBox account.



To activate Frenzy, all you need is either a paid or free 2GB Dropbox account. It’s a simple, elegant, lightweight and an efficient way of collaborative sharing.

Features of Frenzy : Create private social network

  • File based application which uses the Dropbox to store and sync
  • Enables a user-friendly features with use of key combo to search what you have shared with your friends
  • Works even when your offline and syncs your files the next time you go online
  • No need log into web site in order to check out what’s new
  • Creates a private environment ensuring user’s privacy

Whenever you feel like sharing a page in your browser, just hit a customizable key combination to invoke an extension that pops up a dialogue where you can type in your optional message. Hit Send and Frenzy does the rest of the job and immediately returns focus back to the application you were using.

Social Network Macbook app


Frenzy is not a Facebook killer and it is isn’t a replacement for other consumer social networks, such as LinkedIn or MySpace. It’s main purpose is to allow easy creation of private social networks with advanced content sharing capabilities. The application will be boon for ad hoc projects at workplace that require additional capabilities beyond dumb file sharing.

Frenzy is available in public beta right now and works on Mac OS X 10.5 or newer the newer versions with Intel processors. The beta is free and will not expire, but the final version will not be free. The existence of Frenzy on the Mac App Store depends on how Apple feels about its requirement for the Dropbox to function.

Source: 9to5Mac

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