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Video downloading is one of the most practiced things over the internet these days. Anyone who uses internet downloads his/her favorite movies/videos every now and then and most internet users are always looking for free movies for download. FreeMoviesTheatre is an online web service which provides users with the ability to download all their favorite movies for free.


The best part about FreeMoviesTheatre is that it has indexed all movies completely in a single package, which means one does not has to jump from one part to the other in order to enjoy the movie. The homepage shows a lot of good information about the movies listed with new flicks being shown, their high quality thumbnail images, reviews, how many hits they’ve received and much more. The search engine for movie search also works flawlessly as movies can be searched by ascending or descending order according to their release, or even searched by keywords. Once you search a video, up to 8 different viewing links will show up where you can view movies by streaming them or downloading them from the host websites as well.


Movies can also be embedded to your own blog/website with the embed link given along the movie. Sharing the movies is also easy and fun as all major social networks are supported and friends can be interactively told about the great free movies you’re watching. If you want to download any movie, browse it and you will be given few links (e.g Version 1, Version 2 etc) as shown in the screenshot below. Just use the one which does not ask you to download any software or anything.


FreeMoviesTheatre is a one stop destination for any internet user who is interested in watching free movies online.

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