Fix “No Volume Available” Error in VLC for iPhone with Headphones

Yesterday, the VLC media player for iPhone was released and we could not keep our hands off it. While we really loved the VLC player’s abilities we came across an error which all iPhone 4 users are facing currently. When you play any video without headphones the player says “No Volume Available” and speakers don’t work. Here’s a temporary solution.


The problem with VLC for iPhone is that the iPhone 4 speakers aren’t compatible with the App causing the No Volume Availble error. It seems the Applidium developers tested the app on iPhone 3G and 3GS only. They must have not tested the app on the iPhone 4. They haven’t posted any comment or update so far on iTunes or on their website.

So for now, use headphones while playing videos. The audio works just fine with any pair of headphones.


We think iPhone 4 is the only device that has the No Volume Error error right now. We will post the full review of the VLC for iPhone very soon after we have spent some time with it.

By the way, all your torrent movie releases will work on the iPhone and iPod now. No need to convert to iTunes friendly formats. Just copy the AVI or MKV files and you can watch them on your iDevice. HD movies aren’t supported yet but that would be a lot to ask for right now anyway. We’re pretty happy with what we have for now in the alpha release.

Stay tuned for more updates and do let us know about your first impressions of the app.

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12 thoughts on “Fix “No Volume Available” Error in VLC for iPhone with Headphones

  1. I have an iPhone 4 and the sound works fine. It says no volume available when the phone is on silent.

  2. I have an iPhone 3Gs running iOS 4.1 and I also get this “No volume available” error. There is volume with headphones but this is NOT a solution.

  3. I feel silly. Thiery is right, my phone was on silent.

  4. That’s wrong. I have a 3GS and it doesn’t work without earphones on that either. So it’s not a problem just regardin iPhone 4.

  5. Oh, same here. It’s on silent. :P

  6. I agree with Thiery. I have an iPhone 3GS with the 4.1 IOS upgrade, and found that I also get the “No volume available” only when my phone is on SILENT. Take your iPhone off silent and reload the VLC app and your audio should work. I hope VLC come out with an update that will allow you to play video files with audio regardless of if the phone is on silent or not.

  7. No audio….take your phone off silent…simple solutions astonish me

  8. Hi, also VLC for iPad did not work , Volume Not …

  9. Same prob on ipad 3G

  10. Hi. I had this problem too. Then I found that the orientation lock switch has become a volume mute switch. Annoying but unchangeable. Flicked it over and all is well now.

  11. The “No volume available” it’s not an error…If you have your iPhone on Silent mode you keep this problem…but if you put the phone in Normal mode you have the volume available! I have an iPhone 3Gs…With silent volume didn’t work,but when I remove it the volume works really fine :) try this method

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