Five Devices Which Will Rock 2011

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The big highlights  of last year  (2010) was Andriod devices, 3-DTV’S , tablets and ebook readers. They changes world a lot with their exciting features. Android change the mobile world and iPad skyrocketed as well.

So what are you guys looking to see new in 2011.  A little bit research of us lead to a list of 5 devices, which we think will rock in 2011.  Upcoming updates of Android and release of Windows 8 will make this year more interesting.

So, here is a list of some things, you may see rocking this year (2011).

1:- Video Games Invade

All the big pros of Gaming world like Microsoft, Sony will take full part in releasing some thing new, as they are already doing some secret tests, and all gamers are excited to see upcoming updates from them. :P

On other hand Xbox and play stations are selling hand to hand, and we all are expecting trailer’s of new games.

Many other small companies are also their, struggling hard, hope to see some exciting launch from them as well.

2:- 4G Phones

LTE (Long Term Evolution) the best 4G network provider will get some good bucks this year. Also Verizon going to hold a conference to release the details about their 4G network, also many of us are expecting a lot of 4D devices to come up this year, as 3G have much success as well.

Other devices regarding this are : The LG Optimus, Motorola’s Android, The HTC Evo Shift.

3:- Android vs. Apple & iOS

This year is all about tables and Android but with great new features, and internet father is also stepping in the market with Google Android which will heat the market more. Android phones, Android tablets , Android appliances, all these are Android devices which will rock this year even more, now which one are you going to choose?

Alot of companies are releasing Android devices these days. As because its the only competitor to Apple and iOS. Many investors already invested their money in upcoming releases of Android, but this will even be more interesting if Apple also announce some press event with a great new device so that people can enjoy more.

4:- Cars, TV’S every thing connected

Getting connected in more better way will be the most important thing in 2011. Every thing in 2011 will surely be connected, like cars like : Ford, Toyota, BMW will have more exciting connecting and internet technologies features for better connection. So, we all are also waiting for their press events as well.

Connected TV’S are another hot shot device, as Google just announced a Google TV some days back, so you can now avail TV every where as well, which will also improve the connecting thing, but thanks to other TV’ connecting devices as well like Apple TV, Roku and other connected TV solutions.

So, all we can say that this year you will see things connected in a more efficient way. So be prepare to get connected every where and every thing with every thing. :D

5:- Tables Revolution

Tablets are another hot product of the 2010, but companies did not introduces some new updates or devices in it. iPad take good part last year for the improvement of tablet technology. Other countless companies are also took part, but doesn’t have any major role. Apple is also old and hard competitor of tablet.

In year 2011, the top tablet to see will be Motorola’s Android tablet, as because its the first device who can run Android 3.0 OS. And till now it will be the only Android table which will make debut. Also there is a change of 10.1 inch table from Toshiba and 8-inch from Vizio.

Till now Android is dominating the tablet world, still there is a hope to see some windows OS tablets as well.

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