Firefox 6 and Firefox 7 Soon to be Available for First Testing

Firefox 6 and Firefox 7 Soon to be Available for First Testing

In a Draft posted by Mozilla release manager Christian Legnitto, he has given the information of upcoming versions of Mozilla. According the draft we are soon going to get the Firefox 6 and Firefox 7. It also illuminates the ongoing process of refreshing its release procedure in the browser developing company.

Moreover a new repository has been introduced Mozilla Aurora along with already existing Central, Beta and Release.

Different rendezvous in the channel passing through which a Browser comes before us will be focused on different but relevant issues,he states. For example Mozilla central will be focused on general development, project repository merges. Further,Mozilla aurora will be dealing with preffing off and backing out fixes/features which the central channel exposes as problematic with a wider audience and Mozilla beta will fixes newly-found issues which would prevent a final release and in extreme cases backouts / pref offs.

Mozilla release will in fact an emergency reserve in case of an enthusiastic response.

firefox 6 firefox 7

Schedule of developing and unveiling each rendezvous:

Except for Firefox 5, In general, each stage of the process will last for 6 weeks.For instance after development of six months Mozilla central will be released and work on Mozilla beta will have been started and so on.

“Firefox 5 will be slightly different from future releases due to the development overlap (or lack thereof) with Firefox 4.’’

And thus We will have Firefox 5 in the last week of June.

Firefox 6 has its initial push on 12 April and next week we can have its first build for testing. Work on Firefox 7 may start in mid May.

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