Find My Friends is Live, Apple’s Social Network for iOS 5

Find My Friends is Live, Apple’s Social Network for iOS 5

At last weeks, or maybe the week before, Apple event ‘Let’s talk iPhone’, a lot many new things and services were launched. Along with the iPhone 4S, new iPod Nano 7G, Siri and few other things, Apple also spoke a little about their new Find My Friends social networking service for iPhone users.

It’s not like your regular Social network, so don’t start with all the rants about how you don’t need another new one. This is only for iPhone users who’re on iOS 5, well technically, it’s for any iOS device who’s running iOS 5 and wants others to know where they are. I know, there’s already an app for that, like Foursquare maybe? Well, this is more exclusive. And it’s all in the cloud, so that means you need to have an iCloud account, have uninterrupted internet access and an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

With Find My Friends, you can share your location on the Map and can also view all the other friends that are sharing their locations, on an iOS device that is. And, this is an app that is only available on iOS 5, so don’t bother looking it up on your non-iOS 5 device. It is fully integrated with the Maps and Contacts app and will automatically add your friends location on the app if you add someone from your contacts. Of course, they will have to approve/accept the request first.

You can download Find My Friends from the App Store, if you’re running iOS 5 GM.

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