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Fast Follow: Follow Twitter Users without Twitter Account

Fast Follow: Follow Twitter Users without Twitter Account

Ever wondered to follow all those famous celebrities who regularly tweet and share their thoughts with all their fans and people around the globe? Well the first choice for everyone in doing so is to create a Twitter account. But now you don’t need to worry if you want to follow your friends’ family and everyone else’ tweets or Twitter feeds, you don’t need to have an account on Twitter to do that.

Twitter has recently added a new feature called “Fast Follow” which allows you to follow anyone’s latest tweets and status updates via sms even if you don’t have a twitter account. Although this service is limited to the US only, but the service it provides makes it a great tool to be expanded. All you need to do is text “follow [username]” to Twitter’s shortcode of 40404. After you’re done doing so, you’ll start receiving all of the user’s tweets you just subscribed to. You don’t need to hhave a twitter account to use this feature.

With this “Fast Follow” service, Twitter has moved one step ahead of its competing social networks since now it has added virtually millions of people who will passively be following Twitter to find out about things thereby increasing its penetration. Facebook, Orkut, LinkedIn need to catch up fast now by coming up with some innovative ideas like “Fast Follow”


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