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Fake Apple Store Spotted in China

Fake Apple Store Spotted in China

We all know that China is famous for its copy paste work. You create a new gadget and in couple of hours, you can find a duplicate of your gadget in the Chinese market. We have already covered many such news in the past and if you have missed out, I suggest you to read following posts:

Though one thing which I liked about these fake/copied gadget is, they are more feature rich. In most of them you will find extra slot for Sim card, better speakers and yah most of them will come with touch screen. Though the only thing is, you can’t rely on chinese product.

This post is not about any gadget but this time, a fake Apple store has been spotted in China. This fake Chinese Apple store looks so real, that you can’t spot different between fake and original one. The funny thing is, even the employees of this fake store feels that they working for one of the most prestigious global company “Apple”. They walk around with that blue tee that you’d usually find an Apple employee sporting. They’ve even got that Apple tag around their neck!! The images that you’ll see below will shock you, that iPad 2 looks so freaking real.

Here are some of the images of this Fake Chinese Apple Store:

You can read the complete coverage on the blog post by the Blogger who spotted this fake Apple store in China. It will be interesting to see how Apple is going to react on this. This is certainly the heights of faking things, it cannot go any higher. If you’re planning to visit the mainland of China, then you should make your way to Kunming and get a look at this Fake Apple Store.

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  • Maninder @ Hacktik.com July 23, 2011, 4:42 pm

    No wonders. When chinese are supposed to be good at creating a clone of any gadgets within minutes, then creating and having a fake store is hardly anything.

  • support @ Google+ Mobile Apps July 23, 2011, 4:50 pm

    I am wondering if this is the only one fake store in China. I don’t think so. The country which boasts of having a duplicate of everyhing, I am sure, there will be many more such fake stores.

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