FaceTime to get Group Video Chat Soon?

Apple’s FaceTime has received widespread popularity. We use it ourselves for both our professional and personal communication needs. We saw several rumors about FaceTime before and here’s another which gives us reason to believe that FaceTime might allow multi user video chatting in the near future once Apple pushes that update.

If you have lived under a rock all these days, I must tell you that FaceTime is a great technology by Apple which lets us make free video calls over Wi-Fi between the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G devices. You might find these links interesting:

Getting back to the topic, someone at the ipodtouchfans discovered an interesting key in the FaceTime code.


This gives us a lot of hope for the future wherein we will able to chat with multiple people at the same time just like the iChat. In this context, Skype has recently updated its Windows Application to support group chat. Also, since Apple is supposed to be working on iPads with built in camera it will be great to have group video chat feature on the iPad. Lets see which of these FaceTime rumors come true.

Earlier we had heard some rumors that FaceTime will be able to connect to Windows and Mac computers in the future. Read full article here.

For those interested the above mentioned key can be found in the following file:


Let us know if you find something interesting while playing with those keys!

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