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Facebook Status Update Share Count Feature is Live

Facebook Status Update Share Count Feature is Live

Though, this is a News about another update on Facebook, but we will start with Google+. When Google plus was launched, we never knew it’s going to bring so many changes in the way we use Social networking site. Facebook has been dominating Social networking niche from long but with the launch of Google+, we have seen many changes and features added to Facebook.

It’s worth mentioning all the new updates like Facebook subscribe button, video chat, smart list are inspired from Google+ features. Adding more into the list, today Facebook rolled out share count for status update. Earlier when people used to reshare someone updates, it never showed the no. of times that status or post got reshared. But starting today, you will see no. of shares and when you click on it, it will also show people who have shared your status updates or link shared on your wall. This also works for your uploaded photos.

This feature is going to be very useful for individual and for Fan pages. Specially fan pages can track how popular their updates are and how many shares they getting. Here are two screenshots which shows no. of shares and people who have shared it.

And when you click on view shares, it will show list of people who shared your status and more over, all the comments and likes associated with it.

This is indeed a useful feature but probably too much of copying ideas from Google+. Anyways, in the end its end-users who are going to be benefited from all this new feature and war between these two social networking giants.

I would love to know your opinion about this new Facebook share details. Do you find it handy for personal and professional use? As a Blogger, I find it very useful to keep a track of most popular status updates and to analyze how people are reacting to my fan page updates.

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