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Facebook Launching new Facebook Profile Layout @F8 Meet Tomorrow

Facebook Launching new Facebook Profile Layout @F8 Meet Tomorrow

There are many speculation about what all Facebook is going to announce tomorrow at F8 meet. And as we expected, Facebook is launching new profile layout in which they have made decent no. of changes in terms of  placement of elements and most important instead of seeing recent updates from your friends, you will be noticing most popular updates from your friends. Though you won’t miss any recent updates like Google+, as  below popular updates, you will see recent updates.  This is one thing, which I always missed in Google+, as I can see popular updates but can’t see recent updates from all the friends.

Also apart from that, Facebook ticket is now integrated with Facebook chat bar on right sidebar. That will make sure, you won’t miss out any important updates. Though people have mix reaction against Facebook ticker, but I believe with time Facebook users will love it.

Here are two pictures showing new Facebook and old Facebook profile:


Here is what old/Current Facebook profile looks like:

We are still eyeing on f8 conference and hoping lots of new features coming to Facebook like unveiling of Facebook music and many other features.

If you are using Facebook for iPhone app, you will see the similar changes, in terms of most popular stories @top followed by recent stories.

You can learn about all the updates here on official Facebook help page. We will keep you updated with latest development on Facebook, don’t forget to join us on Facebook.

Seems like Facebook started rolling out new profile layout for everyone from today, and you might notice some changes in blue top bar. Earlier, we spotted that Blue bar was sticky and it stays at the top even if you scroll down the page, but in this new layout sticky top blue-bar is missing.

Also facebook poke, button got tinier, instead of seeing all the people who have poked, you will see a notification with recent person who poked you along with total no. of pokes, clicking on it will open up a pane view and you can see who all have poked you back and you can poke them back.

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