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iPhone 5 Expectations : What are you Expecting?

iPhone 5 Expectations
iPhone 5 Expectations : What are you Expecting?

When Apple launched iPhone 4S, we expected it to go big and with recent report, Apple has sold 37.04 Million iPhone in last quarter and it’s leading as one of highest smartphone sales. And we are expecting that Apple will even sell more when the next-generation iPhone is finally launched. Like with every highly anticipated Apple device which is yet to be launched, there are a lot of rumors flying around the internet about what you can expect from the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Expectations

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iPhone 5 is expected to launch in Sep-oct 2012 with some new features like 4G LTE support, better camera, bigger screen, thinner edge and many more. Some of the rumors even sound as if they might be true. However, you need to visit a lot of different websites in order to know about what you can expect from the next-generation iPhone.

List of iPhone 5 Expectations:

Now, rumors about iPhone 5 design and some new features are spreading and you will see lots of iPhone 5 expectations and  design mockup and other accessories, but as we say: With Apple it’s hard to predict. Atleast, very few people saw that Siri is coming and there are very few authentic source for iPhone 5 new design. Anyhow, here are a roundup of iPhone 5 expectations and if you believe in rumors, some of them might come out as reality.

iPhone 5: Name

The first question which comes into our minds when we are thinking about the next-generation iPhone is about its name. There are a lot of people who believe that the new iPhone should be called iPhone 6 or even the iPhone 4G or the iPhone 4GS as this new device will be the first 4G LTE iPhone. However, I think that the new device will probably be named the iPhone 5, as it sounds way cooler than the other names, people have come up with. And after “The new iPad“, we can also expect iPhone5 as “The new iPhone”.

iPhone 5: New Form Factor

All of us know that the iPhone 4S made use of the form factor of the iPhone 4, and that is why you can expect that Apple will be making changes to the iPhone 5 form factor. There are many questions regarding the new form factor and people are not sure if the iPhone 5 form factor will have some of the design features which we saw in the iPhone 3G and the 3GS, people are also interested in knowing if the device will have the boxier lines present in the iPhone 4.

Many people, including me, believe that Apple will be going in another direction with the new form factor, a direction which many of us wouldn’t have anticipated. So, yes, you can expect that the next-generation iPhone will have a new form factor.

The new form factor will probably be cut from a single piece of metal. You might ask: What caused me to make this assumption?

Well, Apple has a relationship with LiquidMetal, which is a company that has developed a metal alloy which can be molded into any shape and form, like plastic. So, the form factor of this new device could be made from this metal alloy. The device is expected to have aluminum or a LiquidMetal alloy back. The addition of such a back would provide the next-generation iPhone with a new look. So, you can expect that the iPhone 5 will be combining glass, metal and plastic to give us all a device with a distinctive look and design.

iPhone 5: Screen

A lot of Android smart-phones have a 4-inch+ display, and that is why it can be expected that the iPhone 5 will also have an expanded screen. However, it can also be expected that the creators of the iPhone are happy with the dimensions. They might change it, but perhaps from 3.5 inches to just 4 inches. <Source>

If Apple decides to expand the screen, then an edge-to-edge screen is the most likely thing that could happen. You can also expect that the screen of this device will be made from Gorilla Glass. Apple has always been interested in providing people with durable devices and by building a stronger version of the Gorilla Glass; they can provide people with a smartphone which has a virtually indestructible screen.

iPhone 5: Battery

People have been using the iPhone 4S know that the battery life of the device isn’t something to brag about. Apple has provided us with new features in the iPhones, by giving us Siri, iOS 5 and the A5 chip; however, they haven’t made any improvements to the battery, and it’s the same design as seen in the iPhone 4. So, yes, like many other people, I am also expecting that the iPhone 5 will have a better battery which will provide the device with the power it needs and gives us a longer battery life.

People are concerned, that if the new design expectation of the next-generation iPhone is true; then that would mean, that it will be very thin and having a thin design have people doubting about the performance of the battery. But, it’s Apple; we are talking about, and you can surely expect that they will be providing the next-generation iPhone with a new and better battery, unlike the ones we experienced through the previous iPhone versions.

iPhone5 Processor:

A good thing about Apple, which I like, and I believe that most of you do too, is that they keep on innovating the processors they use in their devices. We saw the new and powerful A5 chip. Its capabilities provided us with the speed and power we had never experienced before. Now, it seems that we will also be experiencing the A6, which is said to be released this year. The features which the A6 will be having are expected to be ‘3D’ and ‘quad core’ and these two things will be even better than the improvements, we could  see in the very impressive dual-core A5. So, you can expect that Apple will be featuring the A6 processor in the iPhone 5 when it is released. We are also expecting improved and more RAM in iPhone5.

iPhone 5 Camera 

Another big expectation from iPhone 5 is better camera. Specially, I’m expecting front camera will get better uplift and we can expect up to 10 MP rear camera in iPhone 5. In case if you not aware of, iPhone 4S comes with 8 MP camera, so minimum 8 MP is expected.

Other things which you can expect from next iPhone is: Better software as Apple seems to be focused on improving the A.I present in the device.

Well, it’s the time which will tell, what new revolution new iPhone is going to bring. For those, who are looking forward to dump their iPhone4 for iPhone5, they have to wait until we have a final confirmation for The new iPhone launch. For now, do let us know what are your iPhone 5 expectations and is there anything that you would really like to see in next iPhone?

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