Enjoy Website Traffic Stats With 3D Globe of Revolver Maps

Revolver Maps is a special and easy to add Widget to show visitors on a 3D glob. It is a very interesting and quite different type of traffic widget which shows online and offline visitors over a revolving glob and we can control the Globe motion using mouse. The online visitors are shown by bubbling spots and with the flag of the country. We can stop or rotate the blog using mouse. We can also zoom any area of the glob and can control the animation. I think it is the most interesting way to watch the visitors on a website.


You can see the Revolver Maps in the video given below.


How to use Revolver Maps Visitors Widget on a Web Page

  • It is very easy to get Revolver Maps for your Website
  • Go to the Revolver Maps website link
  • Here customize your Revolver Maps i.e its colors,globe style and widget size etc.
  • Copy the code and add it as a widget in your website anywhere such as in sidebar

Now do let us know if have you ever used a Visitors Map widget and if you use Revolver Maps then don’t forget to share your experience with this awesome widget.

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