Encrypt Facebook & Gmail Messages with Encipher.it

Encrypt Facebook & Gmail Messages with Encipher.it

Privacy is increasingly becoming a point of concern for internet users worldwide, hackers and crackers are always innovating ways using which they can jeopardize the privacy of internet users. According to a research, a large chunk of internet users prefer that they first see the privacy policy before entering payment credentials on websites like eBay, PayPal or Amazon.

Same goes for the email messages and other social networking services, users want to ensure that their credentials and the information they provide is safe. So if you want to secure your email messages or messages on social networking services like Facebook or Twitter then I have got a perfect way for you.

Encipher.it Bookmarklet


Well for those who are not conversant with Encryption, it is a process in which a message or plain text is converted into cipher (a combo of random numbers and figures). Encipher.it is basically a bookmarklet allow users to encode their emails and messages before sending them to anyone. The bookmarklet employs an encryption standard called as AES for protection of users data and the best thing is that all of the encoding & decoding is done directly in the browser.

How to Use it?

Installing the bookmarklet is pretty easy, you can either install it directly from the application’s homepage or if you are using Firefox or Google Chrome as your primary internet browser then you just need to drag the Encipher.it bookmarklet in your browser’s default bookmark bar.

Now once you are logged-in Facebook or Gmail or anyother service you use for communication, just enter your message normally and once you are done click on Encipher.it bookmarklet. A Window will pop-up asking for an encryption key from you. This key will very much act like a password, the receiver of the email or message will have to know this key to decode the message.


Just enter the key and click Encrypt it button, your written message will instantly turn into a cipher and a sentence will automatically be attached that the following message is encrypted with Encipher.it.


Same process is to be followed at the decoding end as well.


I personally liked Encipher.it mainly because it is very simple to use and is also a fun thing. The developers have also included a ‘Try it’ section on Encipher.it homepage, check it out and I can bet you will love it.

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