Welcome The Era of eLearning with KNO Tablet PC

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CES 2011 had something for everyone but the most intuitive gadgets among them were “The Family of Tablet PCs” I am emphasizing on the word ‘Family’ because more than 80 New Tablet PCs were launched at CES 2011.


This time I am not going to tell you about some big names but a brand called KNO which has developed a New Tablet PC specifically tailored to fulfill the needs on school and college going crowd.

The Concept of eLearning with Tablet PCs

School and College education is important but people usually doze off in the lessons. The $35 Tablet PC from HRD Minister of India was also an attempt to change the monotony in School Education and that is where KNO Tablet PC is headed.

You can also take notes and other references from books on it.

Key Features of KNO Tablet PC

  • A wide 14-inches bright display screen to read books, magazines, articles, rss feeds and much more
  • Dedicated eBook Reader embedded with plugins to write notes and highlight between passages
  • Direct subscription to important Google Channels, blog feeds and information from Wikipedia
  • Virtual Keyboard and note taking pen support for custom handwritten notes
  • Built-in WiFi for fast internet access, ideal for classrooms and lecture halls
  • 3.5mm headphone jack with noise reduction technology


This range of New Tablet PCs from KNO is quite different from other names, despite its stunning looks it has dedicated apps and features for those who want to switch from Conventional learning model to eLearning model.

I am not sure about Text books but Novels and similar books can be read easily on eBook Readers like Amazon Kindle.

Technical Specifications of KNO Tablet PC

  • 14-inch Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Dual-Core ARM Cortex – A9 MP Core Processor
  • Ubuntu OS
  • 16GB/32GB Storage Memory
  • Adobe Flash 10 and Dedicated Document Reader

CES 2011 gave a big start to the year 2011 with fantastic range on New Tablet PCs. Price of KNO is $599 (16GB) and $699 (32GB).
What do you think about the New Tablet PCs launched during the CES 2011?

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