Easily Customize your Facebook with Facebook Tabsite

Easily Customize your Facebook with Facebook Tabsite

Facebook customization is one of the most fun things to do for any social network freak. By customizing how your Facebook pages look, you can attract fans, show the world what business you mean and so much more. Facebook TabSite is a free online web app which lets you add new tabs to your Facebook profile where you can add customized content or you can even create your own website under one of those tabs.

The basic service of Facebook TabSite is free, which allows you to create a two page website under a new tab on your Facebook profile. In the tabs, you can embed video and audio clips either uploaded from your PC or linked through a URL. More than one tab can be maintained and for every fan page or personal page which you manage, you can have a TabSite page for it. The paid service allows multiple tabs and sub-tabs for more flexibility.

Adding the TabSite app to your Facebook account is easy by simply signing up for the service. With facebook TabSite app integrated, you can also integrate the hugely popular “Like” feature of Facebook so that people can Like your custom made content on your personal/business tab. Content can be added in different fonts, colors, backgrounds and a lot of other options also come along when using Facebook TabSite. The User Interface (UI) of the TabSite app is really nice and it is quite easy and fun to use for anyone who likes to play around with things of Facebook.

TabSite is a great way to glamourize your Facebook page and attract a greater fan following. It’s a must try for everyone.

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  • kbharath

    October 7, 2010, 4:31 pm

    Thanks for sharing such a a great information bro, i am going to try this today.

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