Easily Create and Edit Flash Animations With Sothink SWF Quicker

Sothink is a flash editor and creator software that works for beginners as well as experts. Creating a flash animation with Sothink SWF Quicker is quite easy. Besides you can also import existing flash and can edit it. If know nothing about flash programming then you can at least impress your friends by simple editing of an existing flash card by adding your own text and images to it. With this software we can build highly advanced flash banner and animations and if you are interested in making flash animations then it may be a very useful software toward your business.

What we can do with SWF Quicker. Lets see Some Examples

Create Incredible Flash Websites

With Sothink SWF Quicker you can build 100% professional and great looking flash websites. These type of websites are full featured having contact forms etc. You can see the live examples. These are the examples you might never see before.

See Example

  • Build Flash Photo Albums

You can create flash photo albums with music and several special effects. You can also add many controls for visitors.

See Example

  • Build Special Page turn Engines

With SWF quicker you can generate an electronic book having page turn controls by mouse i.e. when you click on page it turns to next.

See Example

  • Special Text Effects

You can create special animated text with SWF quicker and it is very useful in banner advertising.

See Example

  • Image Tween Animation

It is a very cool effect. It means the transition of a face to another one very smoothly. SWF Quicker can do it easily.

See Example

swf-quicker3 swf-quicker1 swf-quicker2

Express Features of SWF Quicker

  • Import any flash file of Adobe V6,7,8,9 and 10 and CS5
  • Able to edit text,shapes and script files of imported movie
  • There are a lot of ready-made text and animation effects you can use
  • Advanced action script editor to make professional and advanced flash
  • You can also draw and design using all essential drawing tools such as pen,fill,crop etc
  • Able to import many media formats such as avi,mp3,mp4,wmv,mov,rm and mpeg etc
  • Able to export in swf,avi,gif,exe or flash lite

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Overall if anyone is interested in flash creation and  flash programming then Sothink SWF Quicker is not less than a Pandora.

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