Download Google+ Android App for Users Outside the USA

Download Google+ Android App for Users Outside the USA

Remember Google+? Google’s ongoing attempt at bringing down the Social networking God Facebook? They may not agree to that, but we all know where this whole Google+ thing is heading. When Google unofficially announced their social networking website, Google+, they also announced an Android app so that users can + things through their mobile devices. Unfortunately the app was only available in the Android market and functional for users in the United States of A.

Whenever things like that happen, certain heroes emerge who will stop at nothing to make it available for everyone. Recently we also told you how you could activate and use the Google Maps Navigation from anywhere in the world. So, if you are based anywhere outside of the USA, then you can’t use the Google+ Android app to start a hangout, or use the group messaging service Huddle. No worries, XDA Developers comes to the rescue again. A certain member on XDA developers has uploaded the Google+ Android app, which works anywhere in the world if you already have a Google+ account.

Google+ is still in its beta stage and requires an invite to get started, so if you’re not registered then you can’t use this Android app. The Google+ mobile apps most interesting feature is the Huddle feature, a group messaging service. To get Google+ mobile started on your Android device, first

  • Select the option to install Unsigned applications and it’s also good if you root it.
  • Now download the .apk file of Google+ app from here.
  • Place it in your external card.
  • Using a file manager, install this on your device and you’re ready to Google+.

If for some reason it doesn’t work for you, then it’s probably not compatible. Also, do remember to already have a Google+ profile to be able to use this app on your device, or you’ll be left with an app that does nothing.

Do you have a Google+ account? If not ask your friends who do to send you an invitation.

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