Download Android Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher

Download Android Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher

People are always excited about new things, specially changes. If you’re an Android user then you probably know how awesome it is to upgrade your device to the latest firmware and try out new Launchers and Homescreen/Lockscreen widgets. There’s so much potential in the Android ecosystem that developers can even make apps of things that are not even out in the open yet.

We’ve talked about Android’s next iteration, Ice Cream Sandwich, which is going to be an operating system for all. It will include both the features of the Honeycomb OS and the mobile Android OS, which is a great recipe if you think about it. We’ve seen leaked screenshots of Android Ice Cream Sandwich and now someone has gone ahead and created a launcher out of it. And the end result is really amazing, although, it’s a little buggy too. Here’s what the developer of Ice Cream Sandwich 2.4 Launcher, from Syndicate Apps of  XDA developers of course, has to say;

We are back, but with yet another android market first! This time we have brought you all a new launcher that clones something that even isn’t out… officially. Anyways, we have brought you Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher. This version is 2.4 because it is designed for high to mid end devices. We will make a 4.0 version later.

Looks beautiful doesn’t it? Well, it will if you have a phone with a big screen. Don’t even try this if you don’t know what we’re talking about. The launcher has bugs, so it’s not recommended for daily use. But, if you want to check out and get the feel of Ice Cream Sandwich or more likely an interpretation of what it may look like when it’s finally out, then you should probably check it out.

You can download the apk file from over here. You know how to install it right? Uncheck Unknown applications in settings and you’re good to go.

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