Dell Alienware M18x : Coming soon

Yes, you read it right! Everyone knows about the Alienware brand of computers that Dell sells built specially for gamer and style freaks alike. Until now, their line-up of Alienware Laptops included a M11x(11 -inch), M15x (15-inch) and the M17x(17-inch) powerfully equipped with top of the line graphics and processors. Now though, Dell will soon come out with the Alienware M18x, which obviously will have an 18.4 inch overkill screen as the name suggests.

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What the new Alienware M18x will feature:

  • An 18.4 inch WLED full HD 1920 x 1080 screen with Truelife Glossy panel
  • New Intel Sandy Bridge processors
  • Dual GPU option with 2 x AMD 6970M(CrossFireX) or 2 x Nvidia GTX 460M (SLI)
  • A 12-cell, 97WHr battery for extended gaming time
  • Will be available in Black or Red Trim

There’s no word as to when the M18x will be available in the market or how much it will be priced at. Also according to the source there will be an LCD option as well instead of the LED Display. Anyways, time to save some money for when this monster comes out.

What do you think of the Alienware range of Laptops? Worth all that money or are they just overkill?

Update: April 13, 2011:
Although its not been officially launched by Dell, same fate as that of the M14x, it had showed up on a Canadian Dell website with basic specifications and pricing. The website of Dell for Canada has removed the page for the M18x, it was a mistake perhaps, but a big one!!
The Alienware M18x is said to be priced in access of $2000 and are most likely to hit stores in May, so you can expect the configuration site to go live again. You can get yourself the M18x and tell your neighbors about your close encounter with the other kind.

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One thought on “Dell Alienware M18x : Coming soon

  1. There is little chance it’ll come to India cause Alienware doesn’t ship directly to India and Dell sells only few selected cheaper models of alienware.

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