Dashboard for Maps: Heads Up Display for iOS Maps App

Recently, we told you about a free jailbreak app for iPhone called Speed for Maps that adds a Speedometer on the Maps app. It actually helps if you want to know how fast you’re walking/running/driving etc. The app puts a icon over the Map that shows the speed. Now, this jailbreak tweak here does more than just show the speed, it adds a few more icons.

Dashboard for Maps is a Cydia App for jailbroken devices that adds a heads-up display on the stock Maps app giving details like Speed, direction and elevation. But, unlike Speed for Maps, this is not a free app.

This jailbreak tweak adds three widgets over the Maps app that looks like similar to the dashboard on a car/bike, hence the name. This app is quite useful as you don’t have to switch apps to check your compass or speed. Everything is available here and thus it’s really useful for all those people who use the Maps app a lot. When you travel to a far away place, it is very likely that you will use your Maps app and this app will make things easy. Also, if you’re lost in a jungle and are being followed by Jason, this app could actually help you very much.

The gauges are easy to see because they are quite big and may obstruct the view on Maps, but you can obviously move around and adjust the map. Dashboard for Maps also shows elevation, so whenever you decide to climb a really tall building of mountain, make sure you take a screenshot. This is seriously very much recommended for all those guys and girls who like to go on adventures and rely mainly on their iPhone Map app. Well, you should spend $1 and then get this app from Cydia right away, and yes you need a jailbroken iOS device to do that.

If you don’t think this is for, then you’re not the girl or guy I’m talking about here. Try out this app and let us know what you think about it?

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