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Counter Strike Global Offensive Official Trailer Launched

Counter Strike Global Offensive Official Trailer Launched

Counter strike is one of the top first person Multi-player games. Most popular version of Counter Strike (CS) is CS1.6. They also launched CS 2.0 years back, but CS community still loves the old classic CS 1.6. Valve software, the company behind Counter strike has launched a new trailer of their upcoming version of CS which is named as Global offensive, which is scheduled to be launched next year, 2012 in first quarter.

Interesting thing is along with normal multi-OS launch, this game will be launched for PS3 and XBOX 360.

You will find all official maps in this version of CS and interestingly they have been modified. So you will find some extra waypoints in map like Dust, Dust2. See the trailer of CS global offensive below and notice the new way points in dust map.

Well looking at graphics it look awesome and XBOX 360 and PS3 compatibility will help  it to be more popular but it might require a graphics card and upgraded hardware for your PC.

One reason for the popularity of CS 1.6 is that it can be run on any normal PC with basic configuration. Lag can be expected but still game is playable. Along with all major graphical changes, new menu, leader boards and matchmaking, I hope Valve team will come up with a solution to hacking. As there are lots of CS player who are using cracked version of CS and they use counter strike hacks in the game, banning them is not a solution as they can always restart their modem and connect again with new I.P. More over, people with steam account usually doesn’t hack as they are banned using their Steam ID.

Time will only tell if new version of CS will be more popular than currently popular CS 1.6 which is one of the most popular game from last 12 years. For me, CS 1.6 gives me more realistic game experience than CS 2.0 and looking at the trailer, I would be sticking with CS 1.6.

Are you a counter strike player, what’s your initial opinion about CS:GO?

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  • [email protected] August 28, 2011, 11:07 am

    I love to counter strike.. Thanks for this update..Hope this game is better than the CS 1.6

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