Cloud Storage Benefits for Small Businesses

Cloud Storage benefitsIn the last few years, cloud storage has become one of the most popular ways for small businesses to back up their data. Not only does it provide small business owners with a reliable and economic alternative to expensive backup servers, which let’s face it, can easily run a company a couple thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, but in an ever-changing technology-based world, it also appears that cloud storage is around to stay—an important factor when you’re looking for a long-term, cost-effective solution for your organization.

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It’s important to remember when choosing a cloud storage service that you’ll want to do some research on the companies you’re considering, as you’ll want to ensure that you’re not only choosing a reliable service, but the one that best fits your business’s needs.

How Cloud Storage Works

Let’s say you run a company and you have an immense build-up of data. Rather than buying new servers to hold the data, cloud storage allows for the data to be stored in virtual files that are hosted by a separate party. Not only does this increase the amount of data that can be stored, but cloud storage also offers companies a good deal of freedom and flexibility. Small business owners can now easily and effectively manage their files in-house as well as remotely, giving them access to their data whenever needed. This is particularly useful for small business owners who travel frequently.

Cloud Security SystemCloud storage is also a safe alternative to backup servers and hard drives, as it uses an SSL encryption technology, which helps prevent the destruction of your files, should your computer happen to crash, your ISP address go out, or you get hacked. Cloud storage companies also employ generators to protect against power outages, and utilize high-end servers that continue operation even when one of the other components breaks down, safeguarding your company even further against data loss.

How Businesses Save with Cloud Storage Benefits:

In today’s economy, most small business owners are looking to scale back spending in any way they can. This is often one of the biggest selling points for businesses considering the cloud storage alternative. As opposed to paying thousands of dollars for bulky in-house servers and even more on the IT professionals to run them, companies can choose to outsource their needs to cloud storage companies at a minimal and affordable monthly cost.

Because cloud storage companies buy larger and more efficient systems than a smaller business would likely be able afford on its own, small businesses are also able to capitalize on better technology, features and performance than they would get through purchasing a server on their own. A good cloud storage company will also come equipped with the best software and site-licenses already in place, shaving off another additional cost for an organization.

Whereas small businesses have to pay their IT staff to learn new applications, a cloud storage company hires and trains groups of staff to specialize in each new application on the market, allowing businesses access to a high level of expertise that’s already in place.

Even simpler aspects, like saving on the cost of utilities to run servers in-house, will begin to add up, putting money back into the business’s pocket. It’s also easier for cloud storage companies to add servers and services than it is for a business to do this in-house.

Another huge benefit to cloud storage is that businesses only need to pay for the amount of storage that they plan to use. So if your company only uses a small amount of space, you’re not then vulnerable to paying for extra space that you don’t need, as you would with an in-house server. Nor are you running the risk of keeping your data stored on backup hard-drives or any other similar device, which can easily conk out on you at any point.

Additional advantages of Cloud Storage

As some businesses are also limited by the amount of bandwidth they have at their disposal, cloud storage can offer safe access for the ability to duplicate documents when necessary, in most cases offering a very user-friendly drop and drag feature.

Cloud storage also keeps everything centralized, as opposed to moving data from one computer to another.

Making the Switch to Cloud Storage

Compared to the old school methods of data storage, which in many ways are outdated and cumbersome, cloud storage takes the digital revolution to the next step, allowing for full access to business in a manner that is more user-friendly and cost effective.

With the greater demand for alternate methods of data storage, cloud storage has become an inviting and popular way for small businesses to manage and maintain data overflow. But it’s not just small businesses anymore—larger companies too are beginning to see the benefits of cloud storage and are taking advantage of all it has to offer. It goes without saying that as the demand for information grows, so does the ability to store it, and there’s no doubt that businesses will begin to see even more benefits from cloud storage in the near future.


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