Originally discovered by PocketNow, the image below seems to have been taken using the upcoming iPhone 5. And unlike other leaks and rumors that are fake, this happens to be real. Why? Because the EXIF data from the image has some data that doesn't match [...]

One of the most important and highlighted features of the new iPhone 4S is Siri, in a word, it's breathtaking. It's one of a kind and has an attitude. Now, there are many alternatives and apps for Android and other devices, but none of them [...]

Note: You can see  Apple iPhone 4th October event live here. Okay, when I say watch Apple iPhone 5 event live online, I don't mean live streaming, because Apple has never let that happen. Never in the Apple keynote/event history has Apple ever streamed them [...]

There are many speculation about what all Facebook is going to announce tomorrow at F8 meet. And as we expected, Facebook is launching new profile layout in which they have made decent no. of changes in terms of  placement of elements and most important instead of seeing [...]

The wait for WWDC 2011 kick off is going to end soon. People have already started lining up outside the San Francisco’s Moscone West which is the venue for today's WWDC keynote. You can read the full event schedule after the break. We have listed WWDC [...]

The official 2011 WWDC iPhone app is live now a few days before the start of the WWDC conference just like last year. However, this time the app is universal and available for not only iPhone and iPod Touch users but iPads as well. A [...]

May 21 is a big day, not for me at least, as I’ll be playing Modern Warfare and having a drink, but for all those believers of God it is. It has been predicted by a Christian Group in the United States that the end [...]


We just told you about Apple's latest iOS 4.3.3 firmware release. Basically this firmware update has been released to fix the location tracking bug and data which was being stored on iPhone and iTunes with which the devices were synced with. This post contains iOS 4.3.3 [...]

This is not something that we would usually write about, but it’s important that people get to watch the Royal Wedding of Prince Williams and Catherine (Kate) Middleton. The Prince of Britain, the United Kingdom is finally getting married and that’s really a very big [...]

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