Skype HD Video Calling Comes to Windows : Download Skype 5.8

Download SkypeSkype introduced Skype HD video calling with an updated version of Skype 5.8 for Windows. I might not be a big fan of HD video calling for now, all thanks to my Dell 1.3 MP integrated camera and Airtel FUP, which limits my 2MBPS broadband speed after 150Gb download. If you also share the same dilemma as me, you still have something nice to look into this update. Specially, Skype-Facebook users are going to love some additional enhancement in Skype 5.8.

One feature which might be very useful for hard core gamers and geek is assigning a hot key to mute microphone while on Skype calling. Something, that I have been waiting for long. Specially, if you are playing a multi-player game like counter strike, it’s going to be useful. We will look into it later, but for now, lets see some of major enhancement in skype. You can download skype latest version from the link given at the bottom.

Let me start with major change first:

Skype HD video calling requirement:

Skype HD video Calling Camera

There are some small requirement which needed for having a smooth HD video calling experience with Skype. You need to have a decent broadband connection  (2MBPS+), a HD webcam, which you can check out at amazon. Most of integrated cam is either 1.2, 2.0, 5.0MP camera and most likely they might not be HD enabled. So, for better experience you need to have a good HD camera. Skype blog suggested to look into LG C920 HD PRO cam which is listed on 2% off here on amazon. This cam can be used for video recording and for video calling. Useful for usual video recording too. Also, HD video call from Skype is limited to Windows OS to Windows OS for now, in future we may expect mac integration too.


Enhancement in Skype 5.8

Apart from Skype HD video calling, they also integrated many new features like

Group screen sharing:

Skype video screen sharingThis is an additional feature which is added in this updated version of Skype. It lets you share your screen while in a conference call along with video streaming. To share your screen with group or any application, click on + sign and click on share screens.  See screenshot.


Video calling to Facebook users:

Facebook video call is powered by Skype and in this latest version of Skype, you can make video calls to other user while they are on web. They don’t need to have Skype installed or need to have Skype user. Seems like Skype, will come out as best Facebook messenger anytime soon. This is one feature which I’m sure make you download Skype.

Skype Push to talk:

Skype Push to talk Hotkey

Now, this is something for gamer or people who don’t want Skype to disturb them while watching anything or doing anything important. Skype Push to talk feature let you set a “hotkey” for microphone muting.  You will find this new Push to talk hotkey settings under Tools> Options> Advanced> Hotkeys.

Along with above three, there are more feature enhancement added to Skype, which includes:

Bing toolbar integration (Way to go Bing), Facebook audio and video calling (web), Hide offline Facebook contacts.

Over all, Skype HD video call feature will be loved by a particular sector of Skype users, but in future this is going to be useful when internet era will completely move to High definition world.

Download Skype

Do let us know if you have a HD cam and you have tried this new HD video calling feature or tried video calling your Facebook friends from desktop. How was your experience?


TorrentRover : Search Torrents from Desktop

It’s been quite some time we have not covered any torrent related update and today I got an awesome Torrent software to share with you. Today, we will look into “TorrentRover”, which can search torrents and monitor them from desktop. More like RSS subscription for torrents, which will constantly update and find new torrent based on your keyword. Sounds good? Now, lets read on and learn more about this awesome desktop torrent search client.

I usually use Torrents to download and watch my favorite TV shows. But every week I have to  go and check the site manually and it’s a time-consuming process. Having a desktop based solution could be awesome, but obviously I need something better than a normal Torrent search client, as I want to make sure I’m downloading genuine and verified torrents. Torrent Rover, which is currently in beta and I believe it might become a paid or subscription based torrent client.


What is TorrentRover?

TorrentRover is a desktop based torrent search client. Instead of doing one time search, it keeps your searched torrent keyword in database and alerts you as soon as any qualified torrent pops in. In short, if you like watching Big bang theory, and you want to get notification for every new episode/torrent upload, this search Torrent software is for you.

Now don’t confuse this with a torrent downloader, this just searches for torrent and keeps them in database and keeps searching for updated torrents. When you find a torrent, you can simply click on download torrent and it will download torrent file and directly open it using your default torrent downloader. You can add multiple searches and it will keep searching them after regular interval. Infact, Looking at this client interface, editor @Droidsid thought it’s like Limewire (R.I.P Limewire), where you search for your favorite file and download them with one click. It’s almost same here but with little twist, which we will learn after the break. Also, rating system will help you to pick the best of torrent.

It searches torrent from many popular Torrent search engines like:,,

How to Search torrent from desktop?

Like any other torrent client, using TorrentRover is a 1-2-3 guide. All you need to do is, search for the torrent that you want to download and track (Top right) and it will do a quick search and will keep searching for new torrents after certain time interval.

search torrents

Now, once you have results in front of you, starting sorting out the result based on uploaded time, seeds, size and many more. This way, you can download best of the torrent.

So, once you have decided the torrent, don’t forget to click on “View torrent details” by right clicking on it and check the comments and user reviews. This will make sure you are downloading verified torrents.

View Torrent details

So once you are sure about the torrent health status, click on download torrent and it will download .torrent file and open it using your default client.

You can also automate torrent schedule downloading for your favorite TV shows like a Torrent DVR like TED.

TorrentRover is still in beta phase and there is already a box for subscription,which clearly indicates it’s going to be a paid subscription or something in similar model. But, for now it’s completely free and you can download Torrent rover from below link.

Download TorrentRover

I liked this idea of searching torrent from desktop and also set custom filter for torrent searches and schedule them. Some of the feature of TorrentRover, might need a walk through and if there is any feature you are stuck at, do let me know via comment and I will update the post with the solution. For now, do let us know about any other desktop torrent search client?


Best PowerPoint to PDF Converter

PowerPoint to PDF ConverterThere are many software’s and online web tool in the market which convert Powerpoint files to PDF file. Here I have compiled a list of Powerpoint to pdf converter, which are professional and used by majority. Every tool mentioned here offers various different features and I have highlighted some of the best one.

PowerPoint files are slides that are used in presentations. Some PowerPoint files are never reused after one presentation but some of these pack so much important data that these cannot be deleted. It is not ideal to store data in the form of PPT files. The best choice to store data that is in PPT files is to convert the PPT files to PDF files. The 3 of the best PDF converter that can convert PPT files to PDF are:

3 Best Powerpoint to PDF Converter:

1. Nitro PDF

nitro PDF

It is a very famous application for working with PDF files. Upon installation, it adds a toolbar to your MS PowerPoint. Any currently active PPT file in MS PowerPoint would be converted to a PDF file when you click on convert button in the newly added toolbar. You can also drag the PPT file that needs conversion to the shortcut icon of Nitro PDF and it would be converted to PDF instantly. Nitro PDF converter is available at the price of $119.



2. Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF is another very popular brand for working with PDF files. It also adds a toolbar to your MS PowerPoint that helps you to convert PPT files directly to PDF with a single click. It is able to create brilliant PDF documents with a very good quality. Foxit PDF is available at the price of $99.



3. Classic PDF Editor

Classic PDF Editor

It is an application for creation, viewing, conversion and editing of PDF files. Its conversion method is different from that of Nitro and Foxit PDF but it is as quick and direct as the two. It installs as a virtual printer and allows you to print the currently active PPT file in MS PowerPoint directly to PDF by using the print option. This method has an advantage and it is that you can select the number of slides that are to be printed on a single page. The Classic PDF Editor is available at the price of just $24.95 which is much lower than both Nitro PDF and Foxit PDF and allows you to select the number of slides to be printed on a single page. This makes it the best PPT to PDF converter. To read more visit Classic PDF editor home page.


After reviewing all of the above PowerPoint to PDF Converter, according to my views classic PDF is one of the top converter in the list, because it gives all important features of Nitro and Foxit at very low and affordable price. You may try yourself and find best solution. Don’t forget to share your choice of .ppt to  .pdf converter.

Freemake Video Converter : Easily Convert All Video Formats

Converting videos comes in handy in a number of ways. Whether you want to transfer videos to your smartphone or upload them to YouTube, normally you have to pass the video through a conversion process. Because of this you never know when you are going to need to convert a video. Therefore having a competent video conversion software installed is a necessity.

While there are numerous software available for the job, very of them are free and cover all the popular media formats used. “Freemake Video Converter” is one of the rare freeware video conversion programs that truly impresses.

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is a free video conversion software for Windows computers. The program has a setup file size of nearly 14MB and installs without any glitches. After installation you can convert not only videos, but also audio and image files to various other formats. A total of more than 200 input file formats are supported. Using the program you can convert the files to AVI, WMV, MP4, MKV, SWF, MPG, 3GP, MP3, and many other file formats. You can even create BluRay and DVD versions of videos.


How to use Freemake Video Converter ?

The files you want converted can be dragged into the program to be added. The output format can be selected from the row of formats available at the bottom. Before conversion you can specify the detailed encoding settings such as the video dimensions, frame rate, bitrate, etc.


All video conversions are followed by a confirmation dialog box.


In addition to being a great video converter for files stored on your computer, the program can download videos from various websites such as YouTube. During installation you can choose to install extensions for Firefox and Chrome that make it easier to download the videos you are viewing in your web browser.

Check out:

Freemake Video Converter has been lauded by numerous tech- websites and you will surely find it to be a greatly helpful program.

Get the converter from here.

7 Open Source Applications for everyone

Not only Open Source Applications cut the ties that bind you to a specific manufacturer, like Windows, they often compete with or exceed the features packed into commercial apps. Best of all, they are free. Here are seven apps anyone can and should use.

Open Source Applications

1. Firefox

When it comes to Internet browsers, one size doesn’t fit all, and Firefox understands that. Consider the following benefits of using Firefox:

  • Gain access to over 180,000 customized themes for your browser interface.
  • Customize your home page with the information you want, whether it’s sports, travel, research, or social information.
  • Take advantage of built-in security, such as anti-virus integration.

2. OpenOffice

OpenOffice packs all the power of Microsoft Office Suite, but it’s free. With OpenOffice, you actually get more features — it comes with a PDF creator and better tools for artists, such as Draw. One of the main benefits is that you don’t have to retype your documents. The program allows you to open your Word files and re-save them in OpenOffice format.

3. ClamWin

Anyone who spends time online has the potential of transferring a malicious virus or program onto a computer. Viruses can wipe out the registry, rendering the computer nothing more than an expensive paperweight. Or, they can snag your personal information and transfer your credit card or bank account information to cyber-thieves.The open source solution is ClamWin, a free anti-virus program. It offers the same features as Norton and already protects over 600,000 computers.

4. PDFCreator

If you just can’t bring yourself to make the switch from Microsoft Office to OpenOffice, at least save some money by using PDFCreator instead of Adobe’s expensive commercial product. PDFCreator installs on your computer like a printer. To create the PDF, you hit the “Print” option on the document and select PDFCreator as the printer. Instead of printing the document, a new screen will open with the PDF of the document. It’s that simple.

5. 7Zip

Most free and open source software (FOSS) programs use a welcome wizard to help you install the program onto your computer, but some use zipped files. To unzip the information, you need a zip utility, like 7Zip. Not only is 7Zip an open source program, it also offers you the ability to take advantage of every other FOSS that uses a zipped delivery.

6. FileZilla

As more people and businesses host websites, they have realized the need for a file transfer protocol (FTP) program. An FTP program is what transfers the web pages you have created to your server.

  • FileZilla is free.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • The FTP makes uploading and downloading files easy to do.

7. TrueCrypt

Whether you want to protect your family photos, your financial information, or the trade secrets that make your business the sure-win over your competition, you can use an encryption program to increase your security. With TrueCrypt, you get the ability to encrypt USB flash drives, hard drives, or files.

These seven Open Source Applications offer you the tools you need to manage any job, whether you run a home or a corporation. Why are you paying for something you could get free?