Facebook, I guess is the primary social hub where a lot of users upload images for their friends and family. Initially Facebook provided only limited photo upload functionality but recently they have revamped their photo uploader and now users can upload several images simultaneously. Although [...]

It's been quite sometime since we reported any Facebook Spam, perhaps they're decreasing in numbers or are they. Here's a new Facebook Spam that's been spreading around, and you can't really blame yourself if you happened to be a victim of this one. The spam [...]

Earlier I shared download Facebook Videos using Greasemonkey script and it’s time for a Chrome extension which can do the same. Here I’m talking about a chrome extension call Facebook video downloader which will help you to download Facebook videos in High quality and in [...]

One of the most used feature of Facebook is poking. Any of your friend can Poke you or even a stranger can poke you depending upon your Privacy settings. And if you have tons of friends (maximum limit: 5000) and they in habit of poking [...]

Facebook is the largest social networking site with over 750 Million users. Everyday, thousands of people on Facebook have their birthday. Recently, I forgot the birthday of my friend and he got a little sad but I managed to make him all right. After that, [...]

Sharing files on the internet is no more a big deal these days mainly because you will find multitude of methods that will help you to do the job easily. If you tend to share a simple document type of a file then you can [...]

A lot of big companies and other businesses alike, are turning to Social media advertising, mainly through Facebook pages. Even Movie Studios are letting people watch movies on Facebook on the basis of rent. Today, the stupidly hilarious live-action series called Jackass has officially begun [...]

Since Facebook announced their new Video Chat feature, they've added other new features as well. Some of them, we all don't like and dearly wish that Facebook would hit the CTRL+Z button on them. The new chat sidebar that they rolled out recently is certainly [...]

When Google+ social networking site released, the first thing which I liked is it's too easy to create list using circles and manage it. and for obvious reasons we didn't expect Facebook to copy this feature, though couple of Facebook engineers created a site call [...]

Since Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype, there hasn’t been any new updates from Skype. There were, unfortunately, lot of times when Skype was facing some technical issues and their services being unavailable. There’s some good news now, Skype is back, and with a new feature that’ll [...]