Canon C300 Cinema Camera Screams Lights, Camera, Action

Canon C300 Cinema Camera Screams Lights, Camera, Action

Yesterday, at the Canon Hollywood Event, the company announced one too many products that may change the way people produce/direct movies. With the launch of their all new Cinema EOS System, Canon has now stepped in to the official Motion Picture/Production Industry. This is big and so is the Canon EOS C300.

Canon launched the new C300 and C300 PL Cinema cameras, that will help a film maker to dive in to Hollywood mainstream, no problem whatsoever. The cameras don’t have super awesome specifications like all those industry leading equipment, but it’ll get you started and probably get you a short-film award too. Both the models feature a Super 35mm CMOS sensor with 8.29 million pixels, which reduces noise and improves color sensitivity.

It can record at 1080p, which is standard, but with the EF range of high-quality cinema lens mounts the quality of the video, performance, colors and depth all get real close to motion picture standards. Do a little bit of editing and you’re good to present them at the Oscars.

The main difference between the Canon C300 and the C300 PL cameras, is the lens mounting capabilities. The C300 cannot mount PL lenses, but only EF and EOS, whereas the latter can only mount EOS and PL. You can also choose the EF Prime and Zoom lenses. It has a portable body that measures at 5.2 (w) x 7.0 (h) x 6.7 (d) inches, which makes it even easier to place the camera at points where normal movie cameras won’t fit.

You can even control the camera remotely with your smartphone or tablet device using Canon’s WFT-E6B Wireless file transmitter. Yes, the EF Cinema lenses are rather large, but you can still use the camera with the EOS range of lenses to make it actually portable. It has a load of accessories too, that you can use per your preference.

For a camera that has so many features and that’s with industry standard camera, the price tag of $20,000 doesn’t sound like a lot, or maybe it does. The cameras will be available in January and March 2012 next year, both with the standard lens mount and the standard $20,000 price tag. For more information visit www.canoncinemaeos.com.

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