Can Android And iPhone Be At Par

Can Android And iPhone Be At Par

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Wonder if Android OS runs on iPhone! Well, it might sound strange but it has been done already. Alright people, Planet being made it possible. He managed to install Android OS which runs on Android phones to run to iPhone. This is completely unusual to run a non-Apple OS on iPhone but when it has been done, there a way ahead for it. Although it is in alpha version now, but if it can be improved an iPhone user can use both iPhone and Android Operating System on their iPhone. This will allow users to try some of the most exciting things like Android apps which were earlier not allowed on iPhone.

Well, with the improvement in mobile operating system Android a threat prevails on iPhone market place. This is little creepy but the growing volume of Android apps say so. Though Android is available on fewer number of smart phones including G2 Touch, Samsung 7500, HTC G1, HTC Magic and HTC Hero, yet it is becoming quite popular among the masses. Also it would not be wrong to admit that number of Android apps is much less than iPhone but it cannot be denied Android is coming at par slowly, but surely. However it would be entirely wrong to say that Android apps are not powerful as iPhone apps, in fact they are a lot but it can work better to produce even more powerful apps. Infact sources say 45 Google Android can potentially be an iPhone replacement.

Well, for those who are confused among the two, there’s no point of confusion about their quality, all that matters is your choice. Both Android and iPhone are distinct in themselves and each having their own apps which are powerful and distinguished yet similar. Since Android has still lot to work upon, iPhone apps take a place above Google’s Android Operating System.

You can download any number of mobile apps corresponding to both Apple and Android using App directories. On a test conducted, it was found that iPhone apps transmit more data than apps on phones running on Android operating system. Android and iPhone versions of Pandora and paper Toss are working at great pace in sending phone’s ID number to ad companies. Google’s Android operating systems are used by companies including Motorola Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. it’s your smart phone running on Android OS or iPhone, download apps now and make it even smarter.

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