Camera Streak: Camera App with Advanced Settings for Android Device

It is sometimes really hard to find some really commendable photography apps for Android phones but there are some apps from the same genre that tend to attract a lot of attention. Camera Streak is just that kind of app that fulfills the desire of Android phone users to be creative with the way they take photographs from their phone’s camera.

Camera Streak for Android is a new arrival in the Android market place that basically provides users with some really amazing tools so that they can set their inner photographic instants free. This particular freeware simulates exposure photography by superimposing and capturing multitude of snaps. The app also allows users to capture trails of any light source i.e. light streaks and also the motion. Camera Streak captures different instances of any scene merged within a solo picture via an easy set of controls.

Camera Streak App Features and Results

Well if you talk about the results that this app produces, well they are not that good if compared to a real thing but they are pretty impressive. The apps landscape interface houses two screens for preview, the smaller screen or the primary screen shows whatever the camera is seeing while the secondary screen shows users the image that will be saved.


The main user interface of Camera streak app is equipped with 4-5 main buttons each having its own functionality. On the top right there is the Shutter, Burst and Streak buttons, on the bottom right we have Trash and New button. The Shutter button is there if users want to take a single photograph, in order to take sequence of photos you will have to select the Burst button. The number of snaps in a sequence can be changed from the settings tab.


But the best thing is the Streak option, it allows users to capture a streak of images with a varying resolution. This option is ideal if you want to capture any kind of light streak.Before using the app, tap the Settings tab to select streak and image resolution, the higher the resolution the better will be the results. Users can also set the way photos will blend with each other, Composite operation is the name of the option that will enable you to choose the blending style.

One drawback of Camera Streak app for Android is that there is now way of saving your entire progress until or unless you start a new project. Tapping the New button automatically save your long exposure photographs in the default folder created on the SD card. I think it’s an amazing App and is definitely worth a try. You can download Camera Streak app from Android marketplace.

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