Are You On The Look Out For Budget GPS Navigators?

Are You On The Look Out For Budget GPS Navigators?

If you are looking for some of  the budget GPS , then read ahead, I have pulled two of the best from the market. They are simple to use and cheaper than you think. A quick look at the two brands that I will suggest for this season are as follows:

Navman’s GPS navigator, (Homepage)  are simple and cheap navigators that you find them at a good price of only AUD 179.00 only, with the versatility to view the lanes and path guidance as you travel.  What is good about this GPS is that they are foldable and therefore, easy to carry compactly; junction view and lane guidance.  What is not good about this is that the speaker voice is not clear as is encased into the cover, and the need for on screen typing is a disadvantage for those who find it difficult and vice versa.

This  company also offers as alternative version, EZY 30, which sports a 3.5″ touch screen,voice guidance, key word location search, safety camera alerts and school zone alerts, which works on a much simplified interface, on-device map correction and correction sharing. But is a bit fidly and is not for novice users, and you have to choose the day or night mode manually, and there are many chances of getting into trouble if you forget. The cost of this is AUD 249.00.

Another manufacturer of GPS, TomTom, (Homepage) has also come up with a economical GPS navigator costing only AUD 279.00, is a very good option for entry level users. This piece apart form voice guidance on routes, also alerts you of traffic light status and keyword destination. The windscreen mount will require some skill, and has a low processor,which might make you slow down on your driving speed, but all features works on a simple user-interface.

If you know any other budget GPS locater, do let us know.

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